4 Reasons Why I Loved Growing up in the Northwoods

I was born and raised in the small town of Sugar Camp, Wisconsin.  Sugar Camp is right in the middle of Rhinelander and Eagle River.   Growing up in this small town has created the person I am today.  There are multiple reasons why I loved growing up in this town, but here are the top four reasons why.

 1. Living on a Lake 

The greatest part about growing up in the Northwoods was living on a lake.  You could lay out in the sun, go swimming and kayaking whenever you wanted to. If you were lucky enough to have parents who owned a boat, like me, that made living on a lake even better.

2. Having no worries about security 

Living in Oshkosh has made me realize how lucky I was to never worry about locking my house or cars while I was growing up in Sugar Camp.  You almost never heard of robberies or break-ins in that area.  It’s nice to live in a town where you can trust people.

3.  The Scenery 

There is nothing that beats a sunset in the Northwoods.  The reflection against the lake is unbeatable and takes your breath away.  Even in the Winter, the sunsets are astonishing.

4. The People 

Throughout my twenty-two years of life, I don’t think I have met anyone like the people in northern Wisconsin.  The “locals” are genuine and friendly. They love to hear about what is new and exciting in your life.  Sugar Camp is a typical small town where everyone knows everybody, which can have its downsides, but overall it’s a great culture to be raised in.


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